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New Year, New You – Keep Up With Your New Year’s Resolution

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Another year has come and gone and you’ve realized you haven’t kept up with your New Year’s Resolution? Well, you are not alone. An estimated 40 percent of Americans make New Years Resolution each year and even more fail to keep them. But you don’t have to be part of the statistic again. Here are seven ways to keep those goals past February and into December.


At-home Cooking

This is a great way to spice up things in the kitchen. Cooking at home not only saves you money in the long run, but it gives you the power to see what ingredients are added to your food. So this New Year, try cooking at home more. Try out new recipes online, play with different food types and keep the culinary exploration exciting to your taste buds.


A snapshot with a facelift

This is more than just stepping up your Instagram game. Nowadays, photography is made more accessible because most phones can take quality pictures. So go for a walk, pick a landscape and let the creativity juices flow by playing with different filters and editing styles.


New Years Body 

Most New Years Resolutions are centered around losing weight. However, most people quit by February because they take on more than they can chew. No pun intended. This New Years, try creating manageable steps. Set aside time where you can realistically workout. If you are short on time, incorporate exercise during your tv watching. Instead of grabbing a bowl of popcorn, try doing a few reps during the rose ceremony of “The Bachelor.”


New Hikes

Hiking is a great way to stay fit, clear your mind and explore your neighborhood. It does not have to be anything too strenuous, but you can always pick up the intensity once you feel more comfortable working out in your neighborhood.


Create a Journal of Activity

Journaling is a useful way to track your progress. On the days where you slip up, you can monitor your goals and alter your plan of attack in order to maintain your resolution. It is important to keep in mind that at some points, keeping a resolution may be harder than others. This way you can track what things you did well and reorient what you want to work on.


Inhale and Exhale 

Meditation does wonders for your gray matter in your brain and it can help you attack problems more easily. So if you are feeling less inclined to accomplish your goals, try taking some time to breathe, think and gain some clarity.


Time to sign out 

We are always connected online. So it is important to take some time away from the computer and get disconnected from the ever-present nature of social media. This New Year, attempt to get some clarity. Put the computer away, step away from the screen and become a better you, one step at a time.

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