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How To Save Money In 2017

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It seems like every year I get older I spend more money during the holiday season that I may or may not have (hint: I don’t), and I am guessing that there are many of us are heading into 2017 hoping to find ways to save some extra month every month. Well, have no fear FoodFitNature is here!  We will provide you with a list so, that you can save a little bit of extra money to pay off those credit card bills!


Cable Cutting!

The new found obsession of all my friends. Let’s be honest cable in 2017 is very expensive, and I use maybe 5 of the 1000 channels I pay for. Not sure why I have paid as much as I have every month but now that there are so many great options such as Sling TV, DirectTV Now, Playstation Vue among many others. Seriously check them out, you will still need internet from your cable provider but if done right you can save up to 100$ every month.


This has to be the greatest tool in all of the internet. Just download the plug-in and install it and BOOM! Every time you find an item you may want to purchase this beautiful tiny little plug-in will find that same item across the whole Internet and give you the lowest price and/or provide you with real coupons. DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW!

Join a Mint.Com

Mint.Com can put your whole financial life onto one easy to read page that will show you your entire financial history. A little word of advice DO NOT HOLD BACK! Add every loan you have out, credit card and any other financial information. This website can save you tons of money just by showing you your real financial situation.

Download an app to sell your stuff

Mercari is a simple selling app that is available for iPhone and Android phones. There is a slight listing fee, but the upside is the simplistic shipping ability. When a buyer purchases your item, Mercari emails the shipping label to you via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx. I always choose USPS because you can typically pick up free boxes or envelopes from the post office. Slap your free label on your free shipping parcel and you are set to make some extra cash. Once the buyer receives the item, they have two days to rate you as a seller. After the rating posts, the money is released to your Mercari account. The most important piece is to sync your bank account right away. Remember to request your direct deposit before Friday (their final day of the week to submit direct deposits), and you should have your money by the next Tuesday the latest.


Put Money Aside from Every Paycheck

Honestly, I get the feeling that this is right up there with going to the gym for things to do that you probably don’t end up doing. Well, guess what, saving 25$ every week adds up in a big way and will absolutely cover most of your expenses for the next holiday season. Do yourself a favor and put money aside, it may seem impossible but after 52 weeks of saving you will have $1300 big ones that you did not have the year prior.


Don’t take your coins to those counting machines, they charge a percentage!

Roll as you go! Your local bank will give you coin rollers for free, customer or not. Shove your loose change in the wrappers as you collect them around the house:

40 Quarters in a roll=$10

50 Dimes in a roll=$5

40 Nickels=$2

50 Pennies=$0.50

Once they are filled properly, you can take them back to the bank and get cash or have them deposit them into your account. It isn’t too strenuous, and as a former banker, I never quite understood why anyone purchased coin wrappers or went to a coin machine.


It isn’t easy to start the year in the red, but with these few tricks, you can structure yourself to make some frugal decisions. The next time you are running low, work your way through these hacks and reap the reward of having that extra green in your pocket!

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