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How To Exercise – 6 Ideas When First starting

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New Years just came and passed like a light flash.  If your like 99.9% of the world you have created a New Years resolution.  Unfortunately, only 8% of the people will actually perform their resolutions for a full year. Below is a how to exercise when first starting out to make sure that you stick to it!

1). Pick a gym or program…

that works for you. Half the battle is getting you there! If you spent the money to join a gym, think about how much it costs to NOT go to the gym. That usually does it for me.   Establish a workout goal of 3 – 5 workouts a week in order to see results. If you live it a warmer climate, outside exercise is cheap and endless options are available.

2). Budget your time…

so you can create a pattern or habit. They say habits are hard to break but this is a good one not to break. Mix your workouts up to make it more interesting. A combination of cardio, strength training, and weight baring activities are the best for solid results. Try a new class or two to keep your body burning calories more efficiently. Try something you have never tried before to challenge yourself. You may realize you’ve been missing something great!

3). Join with a workout buddy…

to keep you motivated. If you are a competitive person it may push you to work a little harder. Know your limits! The most common reason that people don’t go back to the gym is that they are too sore the next day. Drink loads of water both before and after your workout and stretch while the muscles are still warm. This will reduce most of the discomfort. Throw a yoga class in the next day to work out the kinks!

4). Set your goals each week…

and gradually increase your time, weights or reps so you keep your body advancing towards your ultimate goal (looking good for the beach is always my goal). Remember that even if you only get halfway to your goals you are achieving more than the person sitting on the couch.

5). Do not weigh yourself every day!

Instead, weigh yourself every couple of weeks to keep yourself engaged. A better way to measure your success is body measurements or even how your clothes fit. If you are a person who must weigh themselves every day, do it at the same time of the day and with the same scale on a firm surface or you could be unpleasantly surprised.

6). Eat for the nutrition, not just to eat.

They say to eat the colors of the rainbow so you get all the proper vitamins and minerals to generate more energy for your workout. Know that if you are working out hard you actually may need to increase your caloric intake to burn more calories. Smart eating is a must or you could be defeating your work out.  A really great and free resource is www.choosemyplate.gov. It will tell you what your caloric intake should be for the workouts you are doing. You can log your daily workouts and meals and it generates a really cool report for you. I repeat it’s FREE.

Whatever you do, DON’T give up!  Stick to this how to exercise guide so that you stick to your goals.

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