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8 Ways Technology Can Take the Stress Out of Travel

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Photo by Wikipedia Commons

A couple weeks ago, I was going to travel to California by myself for my first ever trip alone. As I rushed to security with high hopes of beating the line, I grappled for my phone. I was devastated to discover that I had left it in her car. My immediate reaction was pure panic. What was I going to do without my phone? It had my boarding passes! Now I can’t listen to music: how am I going to drown out the kids on the plane? Anyone would have a similar reaction because of how much easier our lives are with technology.


Traveling is no exception, and here are some examples:

1) Find the cheapest flights: websites like Kayak and Priceline help you compare flights from multiple airlines and find the cheapest one. Spend less on travel, so you can travel more!


2) Mobile Boarding Passes: Depending on which airline you are using, you can save your boarding pass to your phone so you can skip the trip to the airline desk and head straight for security! Plus you don’t waste paper, and you don’t have to worry about hanging on to that ticket.


3) Downloadable Playlists: If you have Spotify Premium, an equivalent, or even already have all your music on your phone, then you can listen to all your favorite songs: even on airplane mode! This makes the flights go by much faster.


4) Flight Updates: Be the first to know if your flight is delayed or canceled. You can now set up updates so that you get a text anytime anything changes. No one likes a canceled flight, but this can allow you to make new plans ASAP.


5) Get to the airport: With apps like Uber and Lyft, you can now schedule a ride to or from the airport, and even pay for it, right from your phone. Never get stuck at the airport again!


6) Forget your book?: No Problem. Nothing’s worse than boarding a flight and realizing you forgot your reading material. But, if you have a Kindle, or even a smart phone, then you can download almost any book. There’s even audible.com that allows you to listen to a new book.


7) Find the closest restaurants: Tired of arguing about where to eat in a new place, or how to get there? With an iPhone, you can locate the closest places to get food. You can even specify the type of food you’re looking for.


8) AirBnB: With their mobile app you can find an affordable place to stay that allows you immerse yourself in whichever culture you’re visiting.


So next time you’re preparing for a big trip, turn to your phone first. With all the apps that can make it easier, why would you do anything the old fashioned way? Whether it’s streamlined booking and flight changes, or millions of songs and books to choose from, let’s face it: our phones make traveling enjoyable.

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