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8 Hangover Remedies: The Good And The Bad

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Photo by Flickr

Everyone loves a celebration, but the morning-after hangover regret can certainly dampen your spirits. Some people face it head-on with hair of the dog, while others try to bounce back by sweating it out. Whatever your preference, here we look at eight hangover remedies and whether they actually work!

The Good!


Water should be your first course of action to correct the dehydration in the body that alcohol causes. It’s smart to try alternating your alcoholic beverages with water throughout the night to give your body a bit of assistance as the night progresses. Otherwise, try drinking water and taking mild painkillers before you go to sleep and again when you wake up. This should simultaneously rehydrate your body and lessen that dreaded pounding in your head!

Coconut Water

Along with the benefits of hydration, coconut water has the added benefits of restoring vital electrolytes. A healthy (and trendy) option for raising energy levels and feeling human again.


As Sprite isn’t caffeinated, it can be a good choice when in need of a hangover remedy. Sprite can ease nausea and has also been shown to metabolize alcohol faster.

Potassium-packed Smoothie

Yogurt, leafy greens, and banana are all potassium-rich foods. It’s unlikely you’re going to feel like these with a hangover, so try throwing together a delicious smoothie. Potassium is usually depleted by alcohol, so a potassium-packed smoothie can help rejuvenate you.


Eggs are a naturally healthy way to combat a hangover headache. This is because of the prevalence of amino acids which can target the chemical which causes a headache. But forget about the bacon ok! More on this in a moment.


The Bad

Greasy Fried Food

Most people tend towards greasy, cheesy or fried food when they’re battling a hangover, but evidence suggests these can be some of the worst things to eat. Whether it’s a hamburger, fries, pizza or a bacon-heavy breakfast you turn to, these can all irritate the stomach after drinking alcohol. However, these foods can be useful to protectively line the stomach prior to drinking, so if you’re going to eat that entire pizza, make sure you do it before a big night out and not after!

Hair of the Dog

Despite popular belief, the hair of the dog method is only going to hinder you in the long run. If you think about it logically, consuming more alcohol is only going to dehydrate the body further even if it gives you a slight delay from the dreaded hangover.

Sweating it Out

Some people think strenuous exercise or relaxing in the sauna is going to sweat the alcohol out of them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All that sweating is going to achieve is further dehydration, which could be dangerous. If you’re feeling the need for your usual morning workout, try a gentle one that doesn’t place too much strain on the body.


We’ve shown you a few ways here to speed up or reduce the effects of a hangover, but at the end of the day, hydration, sleep and time are your body’s best friends. There’s no quick fix – unless you count not drinking in the first place!

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