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6 Creative Everyday Hacks That Will Help Improve Your Life

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Photo By Ron Mader

Everyday chores are tough enough, why not do these life hacks that are earth friendly, affordable and easy to do.  Follow below and let us know if you have any other everyday hacks that can help the FFN community out.

1. Use a Wooden Clothespin for a Chip Clip

Next time you have spare wood clothespin laying around, use them for your beloved snacks in a bag.  There are many reasons for using clothespins such as they are affordable, come in different colors and sizes as well as they are biodegradable.

2. Mix Vinegar and Baking Soda to Create a Potent Cleaning Solution

Vinegar and baking soda can be combined to create a great paste for cleaning tough stains for glass and stove tops.  Sprinkle baking soda on the surface to be cleaned and spray it with white vinegar.  Wait some time and let it bubble then take a soft rag to gently rub it off.  After this spray with a white vinegar to make it shine.  The vinegar and baking soda are both earth friendly and cheap to make.

3. Use Coffee Grounds, Eggshells and Banana as Fertilizer

Instead of throwing away your coffee grounds, eggshells and banana peels save them and use them as fertilizer for your garden.  All it takes is a couple of spoonfuls around the base of the plant per month and you will have an earth-friendly fertilizer!

4. Protect Your Garden with Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are maybe the most adored bug by many but in reality, they are natural hunters who will help to protect your garden.  These ferocious bugs will get rid of all other pests and are easy to purchase.  You can purchase ladybugs online, in magazines or at your local garden supply center.

5. Freeze Veggie Water

After you are done cooking veggies, why dump the water down the drain?  The leftover water has many nutritional benefits but mainly can be used as a base for soups and other dishes.

6. Create Wine Ice Trays For Cooking

What should you do with the remainder wine in your bottle?  Well for starters you can drink it but if you are not in the mood take an empty ice tray and pour the rest in there.  This will help to portion out the right amount of wine for cooking.


Have any other great ideas for everyday hacks?  Sign up and log into our site and you can leave messages, pictures or videos.  If we find them worthy enough we will even link your name in the post!  Find out 7 mistakes to avoid in the kitchen!

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